Free NYC Events List (Monday, 3/9/20-Sunday, 3/15/20)

Stayed on top of my New Year’s resolution to learn more about travel hacking! I attended The Points Guy event, went to Women’s Travel Fest, and Impact Travel Alliance Happy Hour.

I hope you enjoyed International Women’s Day! Did you do anything fun or attend any International Women’s Day events? I stayed on top of my New Year’s resolution to learn more about travel hacking! I attended The Points Guy event, went to Women’s Travel Fest, and Impact Travel Alliance Happy Hour.

One helpful tip about travel hacking is to stay in Airbnb! You can share your referral code, and sometimes Chase also has cash back offers for staying in Airbnb for additional savings. I met another woman traveler and she stayed in Airbnb for several months without paying due to Airbnb credits! She shared her credit with her friends and followers and surprisingly racked up enough credits for a few months to travel around Latin America!

Some helpful female solo tips for staying in an Airbnb is to make sure it is near public transportation, that the address is on a well lit street (double check on Google Maps), to make sure all windows and doors lock, and to preferably to stay with a woman host. For additional safety, you can also buy a cheap door lock for less than $20 on Amazon.

For this week’s free NYC event list expect spirituality (full moon ritual and astrology), workouts, clothing swap, wellness, and discussions about high performance, freeing yourself from conflict, and entrepreneurship.

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Free NYC Events List (Monday, 3/2/20-Sunday, 3/8/20)

Did anyone else try #saltbae? Given all the hype, I was curious myself! The fries were delicious and the veggie burger tasted like soggy latkes (potato pancakes).

Happy first week of March! Did everyone enjoy Leap Day? I went to a free 30 mins stretching session at LYMBR, brunch with a friend at Café D’Alsace, Silent Disco with Sputnik YOGA that had free blowouts and ear seeds, #saltbae for the free veggie burger and fries, and I got the free Popeyes chicken tenders. The free 3-piece Popeyes chicken tenders ($5.79 value) offer can take up to a week to appear, so please check periodically if the deal pops up in your app.

Being “free” #saltbae was better than I expected! I was aware of the negative reviews, but I actually liked the veggie burger and fries! The veggie burger tasted like soggy latkes (potato pancakes), but I love latkes, so this was good enough for me. I would recommend eating the veggie burger with ketchup, and the fries were well seasoned (still need ketchup though). Also even though the restaurant offers the “free” veggie burger and fries, I still tipped them $2 for the food.

A 30 minutes stretching season at LYMBR usually costs $59, and since I got it for free I technically saved $59! However, I still tipped them $10 for the service, since this would normally be an expensive service.

In addition, from the Sputnik Yoga event, I probably saved $110 alone with all the perks! Yoga normally costs $20, ear seeds can be up to $30, and blowouts normally cost $60 at Broome Street Society. Saving $174.79 is pretty good in one day alone from just the stretching session, yoga, ear seeds, blowout, and chicken tenders. Unfortunately, #saltbae did not have a price on the menu for the “free items,” so I cannot put a value mark to how much I would save.

For this week’s free NYC event list expect a lot of International Women’s Day events, workouts, panels, and travel events.

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Free NYC Events List March 2020

One of my favorite free events to go to is different fitness classes! I tried Silent Disco for the first time!

Happy March! We are 3 months into 2020! Have you been on point for managing your goals for this year so far? I have been pretty good with my goal of staying on top of learning about miles and points! I saw Frequent Miler speak in Philadelphia, and last week I went to the Brooklyn Miles and Points Meetup to learn and network with others about points!

For this month’s free events expect yoga, Pure Barre, Illuminati Party, HIIT, and doga (dog yoga).

Please see below for a list of selected free events that are occurring in March 2020 in NYC. Please note, this post will be updated periodically, so please be sure to pin/bookmark and to check in from time to time for more events and updates.

Please note, times and things may change, so it is best to contact the event organizer for the latest updates. The event organizer can be found in the link in the title. Events may also fill up to capacity.

Pop-ups may occur on multiple dates, and to avoid repetition only a few dates were selected for this post.

For a list of standard free events, such as landmarks and museums please go here for a weekend guide. For a list of my 5 main resources for finding free events please go here.

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Free NYC Events List (Monday, 2/24/20-Sunday, 3/1/20)

I got some beach wavy hair in New York! I stopped by the Beachwaver x Summer Water x Jiggy Pop-up a few weeks ago, and I recorded the hair stylist doing my hair! I bought the Beachwaver 7 months ago during Amazon Prime Day, and I have yet to open the box! Now that I have a video of someone doing my hair with the Beachwaver tool, I have no excuse to not use it!

Getting my hair done is one of my favorite activities, since blowouts are easily $50. For $50, you can easily take a bus to Philadelphia, Washington DC, or Boston for a day trip.

For this week’s free NYC event list expect free yoga, panel discussions, runs, movie screening of Joker, Photoshop, goal-getters workshop, comedy show, art painting class, swing dance lesson, and a discussion about understanding your financial statement.

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