Award Flights Cheaper than a Carry On Bag Fee

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Booking an award flight and paying only the taxes and fees can be cheaper than paying for a carry on. See video below for more details.

Who ????‍♀️else wears a bunch of clothes to avoid a carry-on fee? Even better, is that you do not have to do that anymore, and can instead book an award flight that is cheaper! A United award flight (booked with points) also has a #carryonbag included. Here ⬇️are more details.

Save ???? this post as an example of how booking a flight with points can easily save you money on things, such as a carry-on fee. Not only can the plane ticket be cheaper with points, but you can only save money on the $25 #carryonluggage.

On a recent trip to New York to Savannah, I booked my flight a few days before departure. The cash price for my flight was $199 + $25 ($224) if I had a carry on. The $199 was for a Basic Economy flight, which means you can only bring a personal item and that you would have to pay $25 for a carry-on bag.

Since I booked an award flight, my flight was only 7,500 points + $15.60 in taxes. I also had a free carry on because I booked an award flight, so I saved $25 for not paying the carry-on fee.

The reason why I booked an #Avianca flight instead of booking with United direct is because I can transfer my American Express points to Avianca 1:1 and pay less for the flight!

Both Avianca and United are on Star Alliance, so I can book any airline on the same alliance. Avianca tends to be cheaper than United for most award flights (award chart vs dynamic pricing).

Avianca is a transfer partner for Citi, Amex, and Capital One, so feel free to DM me or go to this link if you are interested in any travel cards. All of these banks have had transfer bonuses in the past with Avianca, so you can also save on points.

Please note, if you use the Chase/Amex/Capital One portal to book your flight with points, you may still need to pay the carry-on fee, since it is from a 3rd party. You must book from a #StarAlliance partner like #Unitedairlines, Avianca, and Turkish Miles & Smiles to make it an award booking. Feel free to share this post with a friend if you find it helpful!

Would you rather pay $199 for the flight and have only a personal item, $224 for a personal item and carry-on, or $15.60 for a personal item and carry-on? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

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