5 Ways to Find Free Pop-Ups & Events (NYC)

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Free Olivia Burton Dream Bus Pop-Up I found from Facebook. I also got a free pink hot chocolate at the event.

Pop-ups are short term retail stores and temporary art installations and are very popular in New York City.  Some of my favorite pop-ups that I go to are workouts, wellness panels, and photography walks/sessions. Please see below for my recommendations on Instagram accounts, newsletter subscriptions, and websites to use for finding cheap and free events in NYC.

  1. Instagram

My top favorite Instagram accounts to follow for pop-ups and events, include queenoffreeba, fomofeed, artworldnyc, and popupgirlsnyc. Queenoffreeba has daily morning Instagram stories about free events. Both fomofeed and artworldnyc have eye catching posts about pop ups and often feature pop ups on their feed prior to the public event launch. Popupgirlsnyc may even feature your post if you tag them on Instagram.

Free Canon Pop-Up where I learned photography tips and shot photos with a DSLR for free.

2. Newsletters

My favorite newsletters to find events include the Skint (daily), and the Joy List (weekly). The Skint is a daily newsletter about fun and free cheap things to do in New York, which include ongoing events, such as poetry readings, outdoor movies, and comedy shows.The Joy List features events that you can go alone and meet new friends, which include potlucks, game nights, and dance clubs.

Free Weekly Summer Kayaking I found from the Skint.

3. Goldstar

Goldstar is great for finding complimentary tickets, concert tickets, theater tickets, and under $10 tickets, and can be also used in 26 cities across the United States. I have found great discounts on tickets that I would normally pay full price from the venue and Ticketmaster.

4. Eventbrite

My favorite part about Eventbrite is that I can use the “free” filter and that I can search by keywords. My favorite keywords to use are pop-up, clothing swap, panel, and wellness.

Monthly free 1st Thursday cookie and baking class at Michel et Augustin I found on Eventbrite.

5. Facebook

On Facebook I use the events section, and I filter results by New York, New York or I can choose a city to see events in the area. In addition, I can also put the city in the search keyword as well, such as Pop-up New York, Clothing Swap New York, Panel New York, and Wellness New York. Some of my favorite Facebook Event pages are FOMO New York – Free Events, Epic Events NYC, Awesome Events – NYC, The NYC Daily Event List, and Free Events in New York City.

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  1. Hello I just discovered your newsletter & work. All that you do & have accomplished is Uber-Impressive Lovely!

    As someone who had done a fre Midtown arts festival for years-that included 3 all evening nights of parties for continual performances networking & play, I appreciate the effort-i much appreciate these types of altruistic efforts.
    Some other places for great event listings are nonsensenyc.com, geminiandscorpio.com (more underground/party/hipster websites), niftynyc.com, ny.go…I can E-mail you an exhaustive hyperlinked list if’n you like…

    He(art)felt Arts Impresario + am Admirer,
    Mike Felber Founder/CEO HK: ArtiST Festival,
    Hell’s Kitchen Artists Guild.
    Publisher, “At The Edge” Magazine.
    HellsKoast.zone. 212-582-2990, home.

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