January 2020 Savings Tracker

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Hi Everyone! I’m starting a new monthly blog post about how much I save in one month from going to free events. Surprisingly, I saved $376.60 in free events alone in January 2020.

I often get asked, “Are free events worth it?” Well it depends! I noticed a lot of conferences speakers, also speak at free events! Definitely worth going to a free event if you want a more intimate experience talking to the conference speaker. Free events are much smaller and you have a better opportunity to talk to the speaker directly.

However, if you want to learn from multiple speakers in a day, conferences are good for that due to time efficiency. You cannot be dependent on waiting for a conference speaker to do a free event. Not all conference speakers will do a free events, even though I have been lucky and I have seen many speak for free.

Here are my January 2020 savings. As seen in the image below, I was able to attend conferences, get food, play games, and even got a $10 Amazon Gift Card for free.

All the free things I got in January 2020. This was worth $376.60.

Some of my favorite free events are free manicures, hair blowouts, and workouts. I also really like going to free conferences to learn from others.

Most of my free events were found through promo codes, Eventbrite, and through the T-Mobile Tuesday app. Definitely check out Eventbrite if you want to find free events.

I’m not sure about you, but saving $376.60 is a lot of money. I can easily use that towards a round trip flight from Los Angeles to New York. And if you need a travel itinerary to go to New York, be sure to read this post.

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