How to Attend a Free Wellness Day Retreat (NYC)

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We often hear about going elsewhere to wellness retreats, but are we aware that it might be easier to go than we think? It is always great to explore places, but when money and time may be issues, the wellness retreat might be even around the corner.

I wrote recently about how I use different resources to find events, and I was lucky enough to find the Dermalogica Pop-Up event on Facebook. The #ExperienceDermalogica pop-up had interactive art installations, free master classes, facelift skin treatments, and swag bags.

Free Facelift Skin Treatment

I was very intrigued by the “Build your Brand with Cyndi Ramirez: Chillhouse Founder” master class.  Ramirez went over the fundamentals of building a brand visually, and how everything, such as the name, logo, typefaces, colorways, patterns, tagline, and slogan sets a brand apart from the rest. Ramirez also spent time answering individual questions and provided feedback, which is helpful because consultations and attending branding workshops can be expensive.

Branding Class led by Chillhouse Founder Cyndi Ramirez

After attending the branding workshop I was lucky enough to get a free 10 minutes facelift skin treatment. The skincare facelift left me feeling refreshed and glowy and allowed me to try the latest Dermalogica products for free. The normal price for this treatment is valued at $10, and you can schedule an appointment at a Dermalogica location on their website.

I also attended the Skin Health 101 master class, which was about identifying and treating different skin types. One key thing I learned was the difference between sensitive skin and sensitized (reactive) skin.  Sensitized skin is caused by your environment, which can include stress, friction, incorrect product usage, medication, sun, and pollution. On the other hand, sensitive skin is something that you are born with, and symptoms include lower pigment, redness and being prone to asthma and allergies.

List of Free Master Classes at the Pop-Up

Overall this event was great because not only was this event was free, but the speakers were also very knowledgeable. If timed correctly, anyone could have made this a free wellness day retreat, with the branding (motivation) class, (facelift) skin treatment, Skin Health 101 master class (workshop), restorative skin class (yoga), and swag (free gift) bags.

One of the free swag bags I received at the pop-up. I got a total of 3 different gift bags at the event.


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