Crossing off Bucket List Items with Ben Nemtin from ‘The Buried Life’

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What do you want to do before you die? This was the key question that was asked at the Possibility Project event. We often have bucket list items, such as traveling, meal planning, and saving money, but do we actually put in the work to do them? We can make the impossible possible if we break down the goals into steps, and follow up with actions to complete them.

Buried Life on Oprah Winfrey Show
From Left to Right: The Buried Life Members: Duncan Penn, Dave Lingwood, Jonnie Penn, and Ben Nemtin. Host: Oprah Winfrey / Image Courtesy of

One of my favorite events that gave me a wake up call to start my money and travel blog and to go to my last continent Antarctica was the Possibility Project.  The keynote speaker was Ben Nemtin from MTV’s The Buried Life and the #1 New York Times Best Selling author of What Do You Want to Do Before You Die? The Buried Life.

At this event, Nemtin went over how he and his friends made the world’s biggest bucket list of things they wanted to do before they died. They borrowed an RV, bought a camera on eBay, and road tripped across North America to complete items and helped others on the way. It was pretty inspiring because each time they crossed off an item from their list they paid it forward by helping a stranger cross off an item from their list.

Ben Nemtin from Buried Life Free Event Hub Seventeen
My friends and I at the Possibility Project event with Ben Nemtin.

They achieved goals, such as playing basketball with Obama, drinking a beer with Prince Harry, and being guests on the Oprah Winfrey Show. This event made me question myself and made me really think about how I was putting of this blog for years, and how I only had one continent left to visit. 

This event took place in December 2018 and I found this free event on Eventbrite and luckily I also had friends that were available to go as well. We received a pamphlet to write down goals, and we had an opportunity to read them aloud, which made it easy to get feedback from others on how to achieve our goals.

I was fortunate to meet other entrepreneurs at this event, and I learned how they started their businesses, which gave me motivation to start my blog. In addition, I even met a person that went to Antarctica a few years ago.

I’m looking forward to my last continent Antarctica in November 2019. /Image courtesy of melissa2760 from Pixabay

It has been 4 months since this event and I am happy to say that I started my travel and money blog and saved enough money to book a trip to Antarctica in November 2019 with Oceanwide Expeditions. Going to events like these, and listening to podcasts, such as The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes, The Chalene Show, and Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher allow me to stay motivated and help me stay on track for completing my goals.

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