Apple Products for Cheap 6 Ways to Save

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Are you an Apple fan? Save this post if you want to save $$$ on their products! Here is how to get Apple products for cheap!

I have a MacBook Pro 2010, and I am long overdue for a new laptop! Luckily Apple has fixed the butterfly keyboard with a “magic” keyboard!

In 2015 Apple progressed from the scissor-switch keyboard design to the butterfly keyboard design. However, the design caused some issues with the keys!

The butterfly keyboard made it easy for food, debris, and general dirt to get stuck underneath the keyboard with their design.

What problems did it cause? Some of the keys would not register, get suck, or double.

And not everyone has $$$ to buy an external keyboard!

The latest MacBook Pro now has the magic keyboard, which is a scissor mechanism that is more comfortable.

Therefore, you no longer have to deal with this butterfly keyboard. In addition, you can get Apple products for cheap by stacking!

The Chase Freedom Unlimited (no annual fee credit card) has purchase protection up to $500 per item and $50,000 per account each year for items that are purchased with a Chase Freedom card that are damaged, lost, or stolen within 120 days. Essentially, this is “free retail insurance”.

The Chase Freedom also has an extended warrant benefit (with some exclusions) and provides an additional year of coverage for warranties that are 3 years or less.

Here’s how to stack for savings!

1. Go to the @chase Freedom portal to get 2 points per dollar on Apple.

2. Use the @chase Freedom Unlimited credit to get 1.5x points per dollar.

3. Link @getdrop app for 15 points per dollar for Apple.

4. Use the Apple student discount.

5. Trade in an eligible Apple device for store credit.

6. Purchase the Apple item in a state without sales tax. Such as Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon.

Happy stacking!

Please feel free to send this post to a friend, so they can stack to save on Apple products!

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