Pay Less to Fly First Class

Would you rather pay $62 for First Class or $395 for Economy? Please see video below for more details

Who wants to fly first class ✈️ instead of economy?! Even better is when flying first class is cheaper than economy.

Save this post as an example of how it can be cheaper ???? for you to fly first class than economy with points! I also have an example of how to offset the annual credit card fee, so you can save money and potentially make money off this card!

1) Go on the Delta website to check for availability

Economy was $395, first class was $712.38, and first class on points was 18,000 points and $61.68 for taxes

4 cents per dollar is a really good redemption

18,000 Delta points + 2,160 points for Amex Excise Tax = 20,160 points required

Cost/Points = Value

$712.38/20,160 = .04

2) Transfer your American Express Membership Rewards points to Delta. My favorite Amex Card to use is Amex Gold ($250 annual fee)

$250 annual fee – $120 Uber Credit – $120 Grubhub Credit = $10 fee after credits. You can offset the $10 if you spend $417 at U.S. Supermarkets/Dining, since you get 4x for these categories

$417 X 4 Category = 1,668 points. Amex lets you redeem .6 cents per point for the statement credit, so 1,668 points X .006 = $10

I prefer to use my points for transfer partners 1:1, but if redeeming your points to offset the $10 for statement credit gives you peace, that you offset the $250 annual fee with credits, so be it!

Amex is known to have targeted Amex Offers, which are essentially coupons on the card to let you save money & even make money off the card

Please note, Amex does charge an excise tax for U.S. Airlines (Delta, JetBlue, and Hawaiian) at .06 cents per point

18,000 X .0006 = $10.80 or you can pay 2,160 Amex points

Message @pennywisetraveler if you are interested in the Amex Gold card or go to this link to sign up. You will get up to 75,000 points if you spend $4,000 in 6 months

3) Delta will email you this award receipt with your flight details once you flight is booked and paid

Follow @pennywisetraveler on Instagram for more money/travel hacks

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Use Credit Cards to Travel for Free

Look into credit card points to use as your travel fund. Pleas see video below for more details.

Fact you can get that ????beach vacation with credit card points! Who else wants a nice view of the ocean on the way to paradise?

Save ????this post, so you know what credit card transfer partners to use to get to a beach destination like Playa del Carmen, Mexico! I also explain how travel hacking increased my credit score!

Fun fact ✈️travel hacking increased my credit score! My score only dropped temporarily due to the hard inquiry. My credit score went back up due to the increased number of accounts, longer credit history, and lower credit card utilization.

To get started on ????travel hacking I highly recommend you have your finances in order first. Otherwise this hobby might put you in debt!

I recommend starting with ???? Chase Sapphire Preferred (for 5/24 reasons). You will earn 60,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.

If you are planning to go to Playa del Carmen ☀️here are some options:

Hotels: Grand ???? Hyatt Playa del Carmen at 25,000 points per night, or @thompsonplayadelcarmen Main House at 12, 000 points per night. Hyatt is a 1:1 transfer on @chase. Hyatt also lets you combine points with a friend through a points combining request form, so both of you can transfer to Hyatt to book the hotel.

Airlines: All major ✈️airlines fly to Cancun, Mexico, and you can do either of these:

British Airways ✈️ for American Airlines. Chase is having a 30% transfer bonus until 9/26/21 for Avios

United ✈️or Singapore Air ✈️for United

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Is Stacking a Waste of Time and Effort?

Most of my items from Walgreens are either free or a money maker. Please see the video below for some of the items I got either discounted, for free, or as a money maker.

Fun fact: Most of the items in the ????video were either free or a money maker! And I also get ✈️ travel points! And it took me less than a minute to find these deals. Here’s ⬇️how.

SAVE ????this post as an example on how to stack at Walgreens! I literally went on the Instagram hashtag #walgreensdeals and filtered the posts based on most recent. Please note, some of these deals are no longer active from the video, but you can find the latest deals by researching the hashtag.

1) #walgreensdeals (sort by Most Recent)

2) Use Rakuten portal (for Amex points or cash back)

3) Pay with Chase Freedom Unlimited or Chase Freedom Flex (3x drugstores)

4) Depending on the IG post, I may have to clip coupons on the Walgreens app, upload my receipt to Fetch, Ibotta, Swagbucks, app, or Checkout51

Shopping ???? at Walgreens is very efficient for me because they have free store pickup (no minimum spending required), and it is right next to my gym. So,  I literally order my Walgreen stuff on the bus en route to the gym, ????️‍♀️workout, and then pickup my items from Walgreens after my workout! No time spent looking for items or waiting in line!

Since I’m getting reimbursed through a 3rd party app like Ibotta, I will still keep the Chase points and Amex points from Rakuten. Ibotta will reimburse me for my purchases, once I reach a certain ???? balance in the app through PayPal.

Amex has 17 airline ????and 3 hotel partners, and Chase has 11 airline and 3 hotel partners to transfer your points to travel for free. Points are a big part of my travel budget. Friendly reminder you have until 9/30/21 to use the Chase Pay Yourself back feature to offset your travel costs with dining purchases.

Do you like this money and productivity hack for saving ????money on things at Walgreens? If so, feel free to share this post with a friend! Also let me know if you need any referrals to any of these apps and credit cards!

And if you do not like this tip, no worries! It gives more room for people like me to buy items in stock, save ???? money, and earn more travel points. I hope you enjoy spending more money keeping your ????teeth clean!
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