Uber Eats Coupon and Support Black-Owned Businesses

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Got an Uber Eats coupon for $30 off, and use it for a black-owned business called Lolo’s Seafood Shack. The crab cakes, garlic fries, and plantains were delicious!

#SAVE this article if you want the history of Juneteenth and an Uber Eats Coupon to save $30 off,  where you can help support a black-owned business! And yes, there are some money stacks you can also do for Uber Eats!

Juneteenth ????  is a portmanteau of the words “June” and “nineteenth.” It was not until 1865, when a group of enslaved people in Galveston, Texas finally learned that they were free from the institution of slavery.

Unfortunately, ???? this was almost 2.5 years after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that slaves were notified that in Galveston, Texas that they were free.  As much as Juneteenth represents freedom, it also represents how emancipation was tragically delayed for enslaved people. Swipe to see the helpful infogram created by @noirehistoir.

So use today ????to recognize and support a black-owned business, and here is how you can save $30 off your @ubereats order. Go here to see a list of Eater NY  black-owned restaurants.

Money stacks you can do on Uber Eats to save money.

1)Sign up for @uber Eats pass. Close and open back the app to see the $30 off coupon.

2)Use the @rakuten app for 4% for @ubereats.

3)Link your credit card to @drop.

4)Use @chase Reserve for 3x, since you still need to pay for tip and service fee.

5)Optional: Use the Chase Pay Yourself Back feature at 1.5x to wipe out the charge.

6) Optional: Turn off the auto-renew on Uber Eats Pass to cancel your subscription, so you do not pay $9.99 per month.

Optional: Cancel the auto-renew service for Uber Eats pass.

I ordered ???? from @lolosshacks and enjoyed the crab cakes, garlic fries, and plantains.

Feel free???? to share this post to a friend! I do not see a deadline for this @ubereats pass offer, but I would do it sooner than later. Thanks!

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