Want to See that Conference Speaker? Do Not Want to Pay?

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free wellness panel
AQUA Studio Wellness Panel / From left to right: Dominque Porter (Moderator), Sarah Larson Levey (Founder of Y7 Studio), Esther Gauthier (Founder of AQUA Studio) and Latham Thomas (founder of Mama Glow)

Going to a conference is a great way to learn more about a topic and to meet other people. Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to go to a conference, In addition, not every conference offers a promo code or contest to get a discounted ticket. Even though, some conferences live stream online, it still misses the human element that allows you to meet and connect with others.

Luckily, that is where free events come in. A lot of speakers do both paid and free events because they can reach audiences at different events and income levels. In addition, some free events are small, so you can easily talk and network with others.

Panels are small and you still learn a lot from the speakers.

Last week I attended a free wellness panel at AQUA Studio that had Sarah Larson Levey (founder of Y7 Studio), Esther Gauthier (founder of AQUA Studio) and Latham Thomas (founder of Mama Glow) as speakers. These women entrepreneurs were inspiring and they discussed how their mothers impacted their business endeavors and health routines.

Levey recently spoke at the Girlboss Rally ($350-700) and Thomas spoke at the #BlogHer18 Health Conference ($50-249).  Both of these conferences can be very motivating, but given that they can be costly, a free wellness panel is a great alternative. In addition, the audience size at the AQUA Studio event was about 20 people, so it was small enough where it was easy to ask the panelists questions.

Free healthy snacks from Local Roots. /Image by Local Roots.

Water, probiotics, and masks are essentials to stay healthy while flying.

My favorite wellness tip from the panel was learning how to prepare your body for a flight. If you are flying, bring a mask (spray with essential oils) and wear a sheet mask after washing your face. The cabin air has a lot of toxins and it is also dehydrating, so it is best to prepare your skin and to drink a lot of water. In addition, if you fly red eye, the airplanes tend to be older, and your body recovers in your sleep; so prepare it by taking probiotics three days prior and after.

This event also had a free Local Roots swag bag, and treats from Dosha Pops, Eboost, and GoMacro. Also Y7 Studio will be hosting free yoga with Fertility Positive on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 from 8am -10am. Be sure to RSVP here.

free swag bag
Free Local Roots swag bag with snacks from GoMacro (protein bar), Dosha Pops (ayurvedic lollipop), and Eboost (energy drink).

Steps to Find that Paid Speaker at a Free Event

1. Follow the speakers and the brands you like on social media.

A few days prior to this event, AQUA Studio posted on Instagram that they were having this wellness panel. Since this was posted on social media, followers can easily make note and RSVP to this event.

2. Check Eventbrite frequently for free events.

I love using the free filter on Eventbrite. To find this wellness event, I typed in panel and I saw the AQUA Studio event posted there as well. Occasionally, pop ups also host free events as well, and you can find more information about how to find them in newsletters, Goldstar, Instagram, and Facebook here.

5 Upcoming Free Wellness Events (NYC)

  1. You Liked Yourself // Exploring Wellness in the 21st Century (Saturday, May 18, 2019 5pm-9pm)
  2. WE’RE NOT YOLKIN’ ABOUT WOMEN’S HEALTH: Speak Your Truth at HATCH (Monday, May 20,2019 6pm-8pm)
  3. Real Talk: Women and Work Mental Health (Tuesday, May 21, 2019 6:30pm-8pm)
  4. EGG-CERCISE WITH US: Free Yoga with Y7 (Wednesday, May 22, 2019 8am-10am)
  5. Join Us After Work: Building Mental Wellness Panel (Wednesday May 22, 2019 6:30pm-8:30pm

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