Bangkok Travel Hacking and Highlights

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Bangkok Thailand Pennywise Traveler

Are you excited for this Bangkok, Thailand travel hacking and highlights?

Hi! Day #3 of a favorite travel image challenge. However, I decided to add a twist to the challenge, and I wanted to mention travel hacking strategies and highlights!

Like some of you, ✈ I wished I was better at travel hacking, and I decided to do some research to look for sweet spots, so I can reference it for future travel!

So, #SAVE this post if you want travel hacking strategies about Bangkok, Thailand!

Just for background, I have been nominated by @jesslynn4686 for the 10 day favorite travel image challenge.

Every day I will post an image from my travel pictures that I love, without explanation, and nominate somebody to take the challenge.

That’s days. 10 travel photos. 10 nominations. 0 explanations.

I will nominate another person every day.

Anyways, now moving on to the travel hacking strategies and highlights!

Here’s are the 5 highlights of things to do:

1) The Grand Palace

2) Wat Arun

3) Chatuchak Weekend Market

4) Lumphini Park

5) Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Hotels: Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok at 12,000 points per night. Hyatt is a 1:1 transfer on @chase.

Million Miles Secrets and Everyday Points and Miles have great articles about booking hotels to Thailand.

Hostel:  There are many in Bangkok, use the @capitalone purchase eraser to wipe out the charge.


@alaskair to book @cathaypacific, @japanairlines_jal, and @americanair. @marriotbonvoy is a transfer partner for Alaska and Japan Airlines.

@ana.japan is a transfer partner for @americanexpress.

@americanair is also an option.

Million Miles Secrets and Everyday Points and Miles have great articles about booking flights o Thailand.

Thank you  Million Mile Secrets and Everyday Points and Miles for the research!

Please note, I have not stayed at every single accommodation and flew at every airline mentioned, but like many of you I want to save this in my back pocket when travel is safe again to book.

I’m tagging @ marklyndon360 because we went on this trip back in 2014! Please note, none of my friends are required to provide any travel hacking tips. I only provided them, so I can easily reference this post for a future trip!

Swipe for the travel hacking details. Link in my bio for this travel hacking guide in an article. Feel free to send this post to a friend, so you can you have this ready when traveling is safe again!

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