Pay Less to Fly First Class

Would you rather pay $62 for First Class or $395 for Economy? Please see video below for more details

Who wants to fly first class ✈️ instead of economy?! Even better is when flying first class is cheaper than economy.

Save this post as an example of how it can be cheaper ???? for you to fly first class than economy with points! I also have an example of how to offset the annual credit card fee, so you can save money and potentially make money off this card!

1) Go on the Delta website to check for availability

Economy was $395, first class was $712.38, and first class on points was 18,000 points and $61.68 for taxes

4 cents per dollar is a really good redemption

18,000 Delta points + 2,160 points for Amex Excise Tax = 20,160 points required

Cost/Points = Value

$712.38/20,160 = .04

2) Transfer your American Express Membership Rewards points to Delta. My favorite Amex Card to use is Amex Gold ($250 annual fee)

$250 annual fee – $120 Uber Credit – $120 Grubhub Credit = $10 fee after credits. You can offset the $10 if you spend $417 at U.S. Supermarkets/Dining, since you get 4x for these categories

$417 X 4 Category = 1,668 points. Amex lets you redeem .6 cents per point for the statement credit, so 1,668 points X .006 = $10

I prefer to use my points for transfer partners 1:1, but if redeeming your points to offset the $10 for statement credit gives you peace, that you offset the $250 annual fee with credits, so be it!

Amex is known to have targeted Amex Offers, which are essentially coupons on the card to let you save money & even make money off the card

Please note, Amex does charge an excise tax for U.S. Airlines (Delta, JetBlue, and Hawaiian) at .06 cents per point

18,000 X .0006 = $10.80 or you can pay 2,160 Amex points

Message @pennywisetraveler if you are interested in the Amex Gold card or go to this link to sign up. You will get up to 75,000 points if you spend $4,000 in 6 months

3) Delta will email you this award receipt with your flight details once you flight is booked and paid

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